Riggy El-Shebiny

Game Designer and Developer - Animator - UI Designer.

Who I am:

I am Digital Media MSc Canditate at York Universty. I was awarded the Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's Program SSHRC Award for May 2022 from the The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
I graduated from the Specialized Honours B.A. Digital Media - Game Arts. I study Game Design and Development, Animation, UI/UX design, Robotics, and Programming.

For my undergrad capstone I worked with an interdiciplanry team, which includes members from degrees from all around York, as a part of an elective extension of our capstone classes. The challenge that we have chosen is to tackle is building an affordable dialysis machine that runs on renewable energy and water resources for remote areas and communities. Our goal is to cater this portable product to be sold to community clinics and hospitals that service remote communities.
Our focus is to design and build a solar powered charging station that charges batteries for portable dialysis machines that service remote communities.

When I’m not working or studying, I am usually spending time with my family or friends outdoors or cooking and watching Netflix. I love being involved in student government and student associations and advocating for myself and my peers and organizing events to raise awareness about our field and give people more information about what we do in the Computational Arts Dpt. I am very passionate about finding new ways to help people and giving back to the community. I am a genuine believer that anything can be changed if we change it in the education system first and teach it the right way.

I am interested in looking into finding more applications of digital technology in higher education. Since my undergrad I have been working with various professors in the Lassonde School of Engineering on various projects surrounding finding new ways to present, teach, and assess course material using pre-existing and specially made technology. My work with the Lassonde Educational Innovation Studio (LEIS) consisted of supporting professors at Lassonde with transitioning their courses to an online format when the pandemic started as well as supporting and setting up professional development workshops for professors that helped find new ways of presenting and assessing course content using existing technology. My work with Professors Mojgan Jadidi, Matthew Perras, Usman Khan, and Melanie Baljko on their XR Sandbox project which is a digital tool whose main goal is to revolutionize Civil Engineering education by finding new ways to teach concepts that traditionally are taught using pen-and-paper methods.  As well as my work with Prof. Franz Newland in creating a completely new Space Engineering program that introduces project-based teaching as the main component rather than a course-based teaching.

My Skills

My Projects

My Game Projects

You and Wes:

Choose your own adventure (Twine Web game) CLICK TO PLAY

Forrest Runner:

2D Platformer (Unity2D) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD GAME

Treasure Hunt:

2.5D Maze (Unity3D)

Escaping Eusapia:

3D Maze Adventure (Unity3D) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD GAME


Alternative Controller Party/Crowd Game (Unity3D)

Game is still in production...

Mask Patrol:

Single player stealth game (Unity3D)

My Animation Projects

Basketball Player: this project is a study of using camera angles and scene set up to tell a story.

Victory Turtle: this was my first practice with scene setup (lighting, background, textures/materials, and camera set up).

Standing Up: my first motion study, used to practice rigging and trying to re-create fluid human movements

Maker Fair 2020: used as marketing material for the event. madels were created based on our working logo.

Ballet Dancer: my second motion study, observed ballet dancing video and recreated the motion.

Bouncing Ball: my first ever animation, practicing squash, stretch, and trying to understand how animation physics works.

My Design Projects

Projects will be uploaded soon...

My Other Projects

Moving-Interactive Sculpture: (PROTOTYPE) Inspired by Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis. Reacts to people's proximity.

Contact Me

Toronto, ON, Canada

Phone: +1 (647) 871-6999

Email: raghad.shawky.99@gmail.com


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